Folding Partitions

Folding partitions and folding walls all designed to quickly and efficiently divide commercial spaces. The folding partitions are suspended from a variety of different overhead tracking systems and, once in place, have mechanical top and bottom pressure seals that extend to stabilize the panels and stop sound from travel around the folding partition wall. For more information on our Folding Partitions click on the links below.


Oddicini specializes in the production of operable and moveable partitions. It is present all over the national market with a detailed agents net and over the international market. For the foreign trade Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. cooperates with exclusive distributors and, for big and relevant projects, directly in association company. Thanks to the pluriannual experience and matured competences, Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. is able to satisfy every kind of request for any place: public congress rooms, work spaces, residential spaces and so on. Their operable partitions are realized with high quality materials and with precious finishes and can be used in different situations with always high quality results.


What in 2006 began as an idea, is today a company with international presence working in office interior design projects worldwide. They designed and patented an interior partition system to make today the offices of the future. The real value of SITAB is its team. A team that works every day to achieve the same goal; develop and produce the best partition systems to divide interior spaces. In Sitab they understand that creativity and innovation only emerge within a transparent and honest working environment. The enterprise and employees are governed by these non-negotiable values, working with all their motivation and knowledge. This enables them to develop better partition systems for space division for the satisfaction of their clients